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Door Closers

Door closers are designed to ensure the smooth and efficient closure of open doors. They are an aid to the protection of domestic and commercial properties. These smart devices reduce the chances of security breaches and damages which are typically caused by swinging doors. They are entirely suitable for schools, supermarkets, gyms and domestic properties.

You’ll notice that at Ultra Security Centre we stock a broad selection of these highly practical products. Our range includes a selection of advanced products developed by leading companies. These efficient door closers have been designed for easy installation and are also designed to fit in with the architectural surroundings of your interior space.

You can expect to enjoy a wide variety of benefits after the installation of these efficient door closers. The smooth operation of the door closing mechanism will limit the wear and tear inflicted upon your property. The closed doors will act as a barrier to the spread of fire and draft. You may even find that your energy bills decrease after fitting these products.

You may be assured to hear that all of our door closers are produced in accordance with strict safety regulations and have undergone rigorous testing. You also have the option of discussing any individual requirements with our knowledgeable staff. So there’s every reason to invest in these high quality products today!

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  1. Asec Size 4 Overhead Door Closer with Swing Free & Hold Open Facility

    Asec Size 4 Overhead Door Closer with Swing Free & Hold Open Facility

    The Size 4 Overhead Door Closer from ASEC is a fire tested door closer that provides both a swing free and a hold open function, with a simple conversion method thanks to a plug-in power loop. The swing free function allows the door to remain open, without any resistance from the closer – the hold open function retains the door in an open position. When a fire alarm is activated, power to the unit is cut off and the closer will automatically allow the door to close.

    With a maximum door weight of 80kg and width of 1100mm, the ASEC Size 4 Overhead Door Closer is ideal for use where the Equality Act is taken into consideration like care homes and hospitals, as well as anywhere else where low opening forces are needed.

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  2. Asec Size 1-6 Stainless Steel Overhead Door Closer

    Asec Size 1-6 Stainless Steel Overhead Door Closer

    The ASEC Size 1-6 Stainless Steel Overhead Door Closer is fully compliant with BS EN 1154, providing assurance that it has been rigorously tested and created to a high standard. It features reversible handling, meaning it can be fitted and used either way as long as it’s used within its maximum weight and width capabilities, which are 120kg and 1400mm respectively.

    This high security overhead door closer comes with a satin stainless steel finish and is supplied with a matching arm, as well as a full cover for the unit. The adjustable latch allows you to change the speed at which the door is closing so you can alter it to your exact requirement.

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  3. Dorma TS73EMF Hold Open Door Closer

    Dorma TS73EMF Hold Open Door Closer

    The Dorma TS73EMF hold open door closer is the universal solution for doors, no matter what design or style they might be. This simple to install door closer is a hybrid of hydraulics and electromagnetics, using the electromagnetic hold open device to keep the closer spindle in position inside the hydraulic closer if the door is opened between 75° and 180°.

    When used in conjunction with an alarm and/or detector, the Dorma TS73EMF can be used as a hold open/free swing door closer for fire and smoke check doors. The silver enamelled coating, easy conversion to free-swing abilities, the adjustable latch speed and the adjustable sweep speed are even more reasons that make this fire tested and CE marked hold open door closer a must-have.

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  4. Dorma DTS75V Hold Open Floor Door Closer

    Dorma DTS75V Hold Open Floor Door Closer

    The DTS75V Floor Door Closer from Dorma is used for holding open a huge variety of doors and can be used with many different floor coverings. This high quality product can be used on either right-handed or left-handed doors, thanks to its universal cover plate being fully adaptable to both types of doors. With a maximum door weight of 120kg and maximum door width of 1100mm, this floor door closer covers door strength sizes from 1 up to 4 making it possible to use on multiple sizes of doors. The closer itself is 285mm long, 82mm wide and 50mm deep and has been certified to the ISO standard 9001. Learn More
  5. Briton 996 Hold Open Door Closer

    Briton 996 Hold Open Door Closer

    The Briton 996 Hold Open Door Closer is another quality product in the Ultra Security Centre range of Access Security Systems. With a stylish silver enamel finish, the 996 Door Closer can be used as a “hold open” or “free swing” unit and is fully reversible for left hand or right hand opening.

    Suitable for a maximum door width of 930mm and door weight up to 60kg, this quality door closer is fully tested and manufactured to a high standard and is ideal in environments housing the elderly or infirm.

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  6. Freedor Fire Door Closer

    Freedor Fire Door Closer


    The Freedor Fire Door Closer is a unique door closing device that holds fire doors open at any angle and automatically closes them when a fire alarm is set off.

    Made to multiple BS EN standards, this fire door closer has an expected battery life of 18 months!

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