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Third party endorsements and approvals


Third party approvals for our company and the products we are proud to sell underwrite our promise that when you buy from Ultra Security Centre you’re buying the best there is from a company that cares about you, your security and your peace of mind.


All of the organisations featured on this page operate to the highest levels of integrity, never give their approvals lightly, and always demand the best in standards of operations and manufacturing from the companies they approve.


Our decision to sell predominantly those products good enough to have third party approval from these respected organisations shows how serious we are about offering you nothing but the very best security products on the market today.


This page explains a little bit about the approvals and where a product benefits from one of these approvals we have clearly marked the relevant logo on the product page.


Company approvals



As part of Right Action Ltd we hold approval to ISO9001:2008, recognising that we continually work to improve the service we provide to customers by looking for ways to make our business better. The standard acknowledges not only that we value the importance of satisfied customers to our continued success, but also that we use robust systems to manage and improve our operations, and have effective decision-making processes. Everyone in the company contributes to making us a better and more responsive organisation intent on going beyond customer expectations.



Product Approvals


Sold Secure LogoSold Secure

Originally a Home Office-backed project involving Police in Northumbria and Essex, Sold Secure is now owned by the Master Locksmiths’ Association. Working in the organisations  purpose built HQ, professional locksmiths subject new products to a stringent testing regime, and award certification to only the best. The results of its testing are used by crime prevention professionals, insurance companies and the Home Office. The organisation liaises with a number of UK Police forces to keep abreast of the latest attack techniques used by thieves, and incorporates them into its testing regimes.



Secured by Design LogoSecured by Design

Secured by Design is a UK Police initiative dedicated to designing out crimes against buildings by creating the best possible physical security. It has introduced minimum standards for security products, and has demonstrated that the approach has reduced the risk of crime by as much as 75%.



Thatcham Research LogoThatcham Research

Thatcham Research has been driving up standards of vehicle security since 1992. Working in its own HQ, the organisation operates a robust testing regime for security of all vehicles, and has been used as a model for similar crime prevention regimes in other countries. The not-for-profit organisation is funded by the insurance industry, which recognises the value of Thatcham-approved products in reducing crime, and adjusts premiums accordingly.




The Loss Prevention Certification Board is more than 100 years old, with dual objectives. Firstly, it sets the standards which fire, safety and security products must achieve, and, secondly, through an approvals scheme, assesses products to ensure they continue to reach those standards. Use of LPCB-approved products allows specifiers to demonstrate the quality of their due diligence work, and to be assured the correct equipment of the highest standards is being bought.



AiS LogoAiS

The Association of Insurance Surveyors is a collaboration of several hundred individuals working in the insurance industry. Their objective is to pool knowledge of products and services with the objective of making people and property safe from crime. The organisation is supported by its own members’ subscriptions, which means it is not influenced by pressure from any third parties, companies or special interest groups.



BS KitemarkKitemark

The trademarked Kite mark symbol is owned and operated by the British Standards Institution. The oldest of all quality marks, it was originally used only in the UK, but its reputation as an indicator of the highest quality of product and service has meant it is now recognised and respected internationally as a benchmark of the very best, and an assurance of customer satisfaction.




The Central European Norm is a testing standard developed by major padlock manufacturers keen to have definitions of performance directly applicable to their products, rather than those adapted from other security areas. CEN standards are numbered 1-6, with Level 6 offering the greatest level of security.


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