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Bulldog BT Hitch Lock

  • Approvals: Insurance Approved
  • Applications: Brenderup Trailers with Knott KFT100-1040 Hitchhead


The Bulldog BT Hitch Lock provides heavy duty protection for Brenderup trailers with Knott KFT100-1040 hitch heads.

Not only does the BT hitch lock enclose the hitch head, it has a thick bottom channel that wraps around the underside of the drawer to resist attempts of leverage attacks.

Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0021

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This lock is ideal for use when your trailer is stationary at home as well as when it is coupled with a car at a service station etc (never use when car is in transit).


Features of the Bulldog BT Hitch Lock
Uses Bulldog’s Super Lock Bolt to secure it in place, is drill and pick resistant and made with case hardened steel
Includes a top hood, lower U channel and lock bolt to enclose the hitch head and fixing bolts
Thick steel construction for maximum protection against attacks
Quick and easy to fit – protection and peace of mind in seconds
Can be used to secure the trailer to a hitch post
Manufacturer is British and offers a 5 year guarantee for user’s peace of mind
Sold Secure and Insurance approved


Use to secure Brenderup Trailers with Knott KFT100-1040 hitch heads – can be used when coupled with a car but never use when the car is on the move!


Technical Information
Super Lock Bolt is 25.4mm long
Lower U Channel is made with 4mm thick steel
Top hood is made with 3mm thick steel


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