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Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock


The Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock prevents proper use of the steering wheel and also protects the air bag inside of it.

This steering wheel lock stops anybody from turning the steering wheel thanks to its plastic dipped hooks that secure it in place, meaning nobody can drive off in the vehicle.

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Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0022

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This British-made lock is Insurance approved and is simple to fit, meaning a quick installation time and protection in seconds!


Features of the Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock
Bright yellow finish for easy visibility, discouraging potential thieves
Drill and pick resistant 10 pin lock to prevent lock picking
Robust construction to withstand attempts of cutting or snapping
Approved by the Department of Transport
Simple snap shut lock, requires no key to lock the BW550


Fits a minimum of 285mm and maximum of 365mm approximately


Technical Information
Overall length is 630mm

See the download tab for further technical information

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