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Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock


The Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock is a British-made lock used to prevent the theft of a vehicle by immobilising the steering wheel.

Quick and simple to use, this device locks into place without the need of the key and is finished in a bright yellow to act as a visual discouragement to potential thieves.

You can find a short video on the tab below that shows how to fit the BW600 steering wheel lock in seconds!

Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0023

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The lock is drill and pick resistant and will also aid in preventing air bag theft, proving it is more than just a lock.


Features of the Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock
Drill and pick resistant to ensure maximum security and peace of mind
Robust construction to withstand attacks further
Highly visible to visually deter
Over a million key combinations available so you know you’re getting a unique lock
Fits on most steering wheels, with or without an airbag


Fits on minimum of 320mm and maximum of 400mm approximately


Technical Information
780mm overall length

See the download tab for further technical information

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