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Bulldog QD44 Wheel Clamp

  • Min Tyre Width: 165mm
  • Max Tyre Width: 205mm
  • Min Rim Diameter: R14 (356mm)
  • Max Rim Diameter: R15 (381mm)
  • Applications: Caravans and Trailers

The Bulldog QD44 Wheel Clamp is manufactured from case hardened steel to provide a heavy duty solution to securing your vehicle.

This wheel clamp also carries a 5 year guarantee and approval from insurance companies and Sold Secure Silver (Caravan/Trailers) approval.

Click the video tab below for a brief and simple video on how to fit this wheel clamp.

Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0056

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Simple to use, the QD44 can be locked into place quickly without the need for the key. The clamp can be easily stored away when not in use due to its compact design, the steel disc protects wheel nuts and it is recommended for use on alloy wheels.

Features of the Bulldog QD44 Wheel Clamp

Sold Secure Silver (Caravan/Trailers) approved
Insurance approved
Carries a 5 year guarantee
British made
Case hardened lower arms
Drill and pick resistant lock



Suitable for caravans and trailers


Technical Information

Top arm 75mm x 6mm
Lower arms 25mm x 25mm x 3mm
Will suit 165, 175, 185, 195/70 R14 and 195/70, 205/65 R15 wheels
Diameter of wheel nut disc 270mm
Weight 9.7kg


See the download tab for further technical information

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