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Bulldog VA101 Van Door Lock

  • Applications: Van side doors
  • Approvals: Insurance Approved


The Bulldog VA101 Van Door Lock is a simple but secure product that can be used to lock your van and ensure it is safe and secure.

This British-made lock is recognised and approved by Insurers; it’s easy to fit, has no loose parts and can protect the whole van as well as what is inside it!

Click the Video tab below to see how simple it is to use the Bulldog VA101 van security locks.

Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0062

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The VA101 locks without the use of a key, has a lock that is resistant to most attacks and has hardened steel casing that has a high visibility finish.


Features of the Bulldog VA101 Van Door Lock
Visually discourages potential thieves thanks to its bright yellow finish
Insurance Approved, recognised by Insurers as additional security for your van
Easy to fit and takes very little time to do so if you follow the instructions (see Downloads tab)
Makes breaking into a van a lot harder to do
Hardened steel casing ensures attacks will not be effective
The lock is resistant to attacks and will survive through attempts of drilling and picking


Use on the side door of a van


Technical Information
Weighs 2.5kg
Approx. 270mm wide


See the download tab for further technical information


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