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Bulldog VA50 Pair of Van Door Locks

  • Applications: Van side doors and van rear doors
  • Approvals: Insurance Approved


The Bulldog VA50 Pair of Van Door Locks provides easy-to-fit security for the rear and sliding-side doors of your van.

This pack contains two, keyed alike door locks that when used together, provide almost certain protection and peace of mind.

For a simple demonstration of how easy these van door locks are to use, click the video tab below.

Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0064

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These van door locks are finished in highly visible yellow and are made with case hardened steel to add both visual and physical deterrence for potential thieves or vandals.


Features of the Bulldog VA50 Pair of Van Door Locks
Includes the Bulldog VA101 and VA102 Van Door Locks
Highly visible finish adds visual discouragement
5 year guarantee for peace of mind
Insurance recognised and approved
Case hardened steel construction for maximum resistance to attacks
No loose parts and simple to use and install for quick security
Keyed alike for convenience
Can both be locked without the use of the provided key


Use on the side and rear doors of your van


Technical Information
Weighs 2.5kg


See the download tab for further technical information


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