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Bulldog WW100B Hitch Lock

  • Approvals: Insurance Approved
  • Applications: Winterhoff WS3000D hitch heads without latch & WS3000H hitch heads without latch


The Bulldog WW100B Hitch Lock protects Winterhoff WS3000D and WS3000H hitch heads if they don’t have side latches.

This hitch lock has been attack tested and lasted a long time against a variety of tools and methods.

Click the video tab below and watch how to fit the Bulldog WW100B Hitch Lock for caravan security.

Brand:   Bulldog
SKU:   USC187VS0067

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The WW100B uses the Super Lock Bolt from Bulldog to secure itself in place and is made from steel to ensure protection and peace of mind.


Features of the Bulldog WW100B Hitch Lock
Has bright red powder coating for added visual discouragement and durability
Locks in place using Bulldog’s Super Lock Bolt, resistant to drilling and picking and made from case hardened steel
Uses false hitch ball to protect the hitch opening and friction pads
Profiled steel top plate protects the hitch handle
Insurance approved
Can use unhitched, hitched or with a suitable lock post – do not use when in transit


Use to secure Winterhoff WS3000D and WS3000H hitch heads without side latches


Technical Information
75 x 6mm brace
25.4mm long Super Lock Bolt
Weighs 3.6kg


See the download tab for further technical information


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