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Armorgard Security Products are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality secure storage solutions. They have created a reputation for service and quality and they offer excellent industry compliant products that are designed to keep equipment, tools and hazardous goods as safe as possible. They have a huge product range that includes fuel safes, gas cages, pipe racks, van vaults, drum stores, site boxes and much more. Also, Armorgard makes it a priority to test all of their products to ensure their reliability.

The company was first established as a general steel fabricator and they specialised in manufacturing sheet steel. Over the years they began to specialise in security solutions. Armorgard also offers excellent customer service and they promise to support their customers during all points of the sale. They have a great after-sale reputation for customer service.

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  1. Oxbox Vanbox Open

    OxBox Vanbox

    The Oxbox Vanbox is a heavy duty solution to storing and transporting tools and equipment in vehicles.

    Made from thick steel, this van box has gas struts to make opening and closing the lid easy, and uses a robust 5-lever deadlock to secure it shut.

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    £210.13 incl. VAT £175.11 excl. VAT
  2. Tuffbank Van Box Open

    Tuffbank Van Box

    The Tuffbank Van Box is resistant to fire and corrosion and is made from thick steel.  

    This product is one of Armorgard’s leading products in storing work equipment and tools securely and has hydraulic gas arms to help with opening and closing the lid.

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    £253.50 incl. VAT £211.25 excl. VAT
  3. Storage Bin Closed

    Medium Lightweight Storage Bin

    Medium Lightweight Storage Bins have been created as specialist storage units for industrial workers and tradespeople. These affordable steel containers are ideally suited to the storage of basic work tools and equipment. They have a capacity of 520 ltr, which is more than enough for most professional purposes.

    You may be interested to hear that the Medium Lightweight Storage Bins have been positively reviewed. Customers have made positive comments regarding the functionality and durability of these high quality security products. Workers have also been impressed by the ease of transporting Armorgard’s lightweight storage bins.

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    £276.65 incl. VAT £230.54 excl. VAT
  4. Oxbox Truckbox Closed

    OxBox Truckbox

    The Oxbox Truckbox provides highly-secure storage for tools and work equipment, either in-vehicle or on site.

    Gas struts help with the opening and closing of the Truckbox, whilst the 5-lever deadlock ensures that it is securely locked.

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    £306.53 incl. VAT £255.44 excl. VAT
  5. BOX171VB0004 Closed

    Tuffbank Truck Boxes

    Tuffbank Truck Boxes are heavy duty vaults, and can be used in vehicles and on site.

    With two sizes to choose from, these truck boxes are made from robust steel and have a 5-lever deadlock complete with 3 keys. 

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    Price From: £347.98 incl. VAT £289.98 excl. VAT
  6. Flambank Van Box Closed

    Flambank Van Box

    The Flambank Van Box is a vault for storing hazardous goods in a safe and secure manner.

    With fire resistance, ventilation and complying with COSHH regulations; this van box is suitable for storing flammable equipment and chemicals.

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    £367.25 incl. VAT £306.04 excl. VAT
  7. CAB171VC0001 Closed

    Tuffstor Cabinet

    You can depend upon the toughness and durability of the Tuffstor cabinets. These exceptional security products are made from particularly robust steel, which is guaranteed to withstand various kinds of physical attack. They are suitable for the everyday storage of tools and essential mechanical equipment.

    The Tuffstor cabinets are available in 3 different sizes, which should satisfy the requirements of industrial labourers and tradespeople. These surprisingly spacious containers take up far less space than the more conventional storage products. They are suitable for traditional panel vans and flatbeds.

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    Price From: £381.71 incl. VAT £318.09 excl. VAT
  8. Oxbox Sitebox Closed

    OxBox Sitebox

    Those of you seeking secure means of on-site storage should consider the merits of the Oxbox site boxes. These outstanding security products are designed to ensure the protection of your work tools and accessories. They are available in two different sizes, which are certain to satisfy your everyday demands.

    The Oxbox site boxes are made from thinner gauge steel, which guarantees a high level of security. They feature theft-resistant 5 lever deadlocks and welded security ID numbers. Heavy-duty keys are provided as standard. However, it would be worth investing in a spare set in case of loss or theft.

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    £412.55 incl. VAT £343.79 excl. VAT
  9. Strongbank Van Box Closed

    Strongbank Van Box

    The Strongbank Van Box provides heavy duty protection for work equipment and tools and is amongst the most secure tool vaults available.

    This van box is constructed from robust material and is suitable for a range of applications.

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    £446.28 incl. VAT £371.90 excl. VAT
  10. BOX171SB0003

    Tuffbank Site Box

    Tuffbank site boxes are designed for the safe storage of tools and industrial equipment. These exceptional security products are a must-have for those of you working in industrial environments. They represent a sensible and affordable solution to your storage needs.

    Armorgard have taken considerable care in the construction of the Tuffbank site boxes. They have used tough and durable materials, which guarantee protection in the event of physical attack. Thieves are unlikely to breach the security of site boxes featuring 5 lever deadlocks and anti-drill plates.

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    Price From: £482.92 incl. VAT £402.43 excl. VAT

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