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Phoenix Safes

Phoenix Safes are known for being one of the oldest manufacturers of security and safe products in the UK and they specialise in fire protection and security. They offer high quality Fire Proof Safes that are perfect for both paper and digital media. The excellent safes that they have to offer also include a lifetime “after the fire” warranty.


The company can trace its origins back to Liverpool in 1799 and it is now the largest maker of data safes in Europe. The company is a world leader in manufacturing and they distribute a range of state of the art safes which will suit all security needs. Their priority is to make a safe that is pleasing to the eye, simple, convenient and easy to use. Take a look at the excellent Phoenix Safes that we have to offer, so that you can find the right safe for your security needs. 

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  1. Under Counter Safe Closed

    Phoenix Under Counter Note Deposit Safe


    The Phoenix Under Counter Note Deposit Safe is ideal for retail environments, allowing bank notes to be safely stored without giving access to staff.

    This safe is also portable due to a handle, meaning it can be taken to a secure location with ease.

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    £52.80 incl. VAT £44.00 excl. VAT
  2. SS0801E - SAF1550260

    Phoenix Vela Home and Office Safes


    Phoenix Vela Home and Office Safes are well suited for storing valuables, cash and vital documents.

    These safes use a high security key lock or advanced, user-friendly electronic locking system with anti-tampering security.

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    Price From: £63.60 incl. VAT £53.00 excl. VAT
  3. Size 1 Key Safe - SAF1550051

    Phoenix Cygnus Key Safes


    Phoenix Cygnus Key Safes are highly secure and come in different sizes, weights and key capacities for your specific needs.

    These key safes are LPCB approved, meaning they have been made to a high standard and can be relied on.

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    Price From: £90.00 incl. VAT £75.00 excl. VAT
  4. Phoenix SC0062C Laptop Security Case

    Phoenix SC0062C Laptop Security Case

    The exceedingly stylish and highly secure Phoenix SC0062C Laptop Security Case is designed to ensure the protection of your laptop computer. It comes complete with an array of safety features including ABS panelling and a steel thread cable for secure attachment. This aluminium container will act as an essential safeguard for your valuable electronic items.

    Those of you worried about the risk of theft may be assured to hear that the Phoenix SC0062C Laptop Security Case features a set of adjustable chrome combination locks. It is relatively easy to alter the pin code and restrict access to your laptop.  You can also rely upon the protection of the high quality interior lining.

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    £92.41 incl. VAT £77.01 excl. VAT
  5. Phoenix SC0071C Laptop Security Case

    Phoenix SC0071C Laptop Security Case

    If you're keen to ensure the secure day-to-day transportation of your laptop then it would be worth considering the merits of the Phoenix SC0071C Laptop Security Case. This exceedingly popular security product is made from damage-resistant aluminium and features a highly protective inner lining. It has the capacity for laptop computers of up to 17”.

    The knowledgeable Phoenix team have considered a great variety of customer demands in the production of this security case. They have integrated a strong steel thread for secure attachment and enhanced burglar-resistance. A set of user-friendly chrome combination locks have been added for further protection against security breaches.

    Saturday and Sunday deliveries are available, call for a quotation.

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    £130.26 incl. VAT £108.55 excl. VAT
  6. 1181E

    Phoenix Fortress II Cash Safes


    The Phoenix Fortress II Cash Safes are ECB.S approved, tested to the prestigious S2 security standard – available in 5 different sizes.

    These safes are suitable for use in domestic and commercial environments and give a cash cover of £4,000, as well as valuables cover of up to £40,000.

    Please note following lead times:
    Mid October: 1181 (key & elec), 1183 (elec), 1184 (key & elec) & 1185 (key)


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    Price From: £172.80 incl. VAT £144.00 excl. VAT
  7. SS1191K

    Phoenix Citadel Cash Safe

    The Phoenix Citadel Fireproof Safes have been manufactured in compliance with the widely acknowledged European S2 standard. They boast a variety of advanced technical features and guarantee protection against fire (30 minutes) and theft. We’re absolutely sure that these safes will satisfy your domestic and commercial requirements.

    The Citadel safes are available in 3 different sizes, with capacities ranging from 18ltr to 78ltr. They can be used in the storage of up to £4,000 cash or £40,000 valuables. You can rely upon the security of the double bitted VTS class 1 lock and the anti drill plates. It may even be tempting to pay a little extra for the added security of an electronic lock.

    Model 1191 elec lock variant is on a 2 week delivery lead time.

    Please note model 1191 (key) is unavailable for delivery until mid October.

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    Price From: £417.60 incl. VAT £348.00 excl. VAT
  8. SS1621K - SAF1550146A

    Phoenix Firefox Cash Safe

    Ultra Security Centre offer a variety of reasonably priced Phoenix Firefox Fireproof Data Safes, suitable for commercial and domestic purposes. These highly protective storage units have been awarded the European S1 standard for burglar resistance and approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors. They are insured to the value of £2,000 in cash and £20,000 in valuables.

    You can take great confidence in the build quality and exceptional security of these highly rated security products. Phoenix have opted to incorporate double bitted class 1 locks for the enhanced security of the standard models. However, Ultra Security Centre customers have the option of upgrading to advanced models featuring electronic locking mechanisms. Prospective buyers may also be assured to hear that the re-locking system will activate in the event of a security breach.

    Please note models 1622K and 1622E are unavailable for delivery until mid November.

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    Price From: £1,218.00 incl. VAT £1,015.00 excl. VAT
  9. HS1091KD - SAF1550363A

    Phoenix Diamond Deposit Safes


    Phoenix Diamond Deposit Safes are designed for the safe deposit of cash whilst keeping the contents secure from the threat of theft.

    These safes are Secured by Design, AiS and ECB.S approved as proof of their security.

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    Price From: £1,424.40 incl. VAT £1,187.00 excl. VAT

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