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Chubbsafes Epsilon Key Safe


The Chubbsafes Epsilon Key Safe comes in many models that will securely store a large amount of keys at once.

These key safes are made with steel plating to resist attacks and they use heavy duty locking bolts to reinforce their strength.

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Brand:   Chubbsafes

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The door is secured by a double bitted 8-lever key lock that will resist manipulation and picking, and the models have capacities ranging from 88 to 208 keys at once.


Features of the Chubbsafes Epsilon Key Safe
Steel plating helps to resist attempts of breaking the safe open by attacking using tools
Thick locking bolts hold the safe in place securely
Double bitted 8-lever key lock will resist picking attempts
Key deposit slot allows for keys to be put into the safe without even opening it
Anti-fishing plate ensures the keys remain safe at all times
Different sizes and capacities available to suit different requirements and needs


Ideal for businesses where a lot of keys need to be stored and/or accessed, including car garages, schools and estate agents


Technical Information

Size Dimensions Weight Key Capacity
1 H500 x W400 x D130mm 18kg 88
2 H500 x W400 x D180mm 23.5kg 128
3 H500 x W400 x D200mm 24kg 168
4 H500 x W400 x D250mm 27.5kg 208


See the download tab for further technical information

Please note in order to conform to the certified standards, any safe weighing less than 1000kg should be base fixed to a solid concrete floor.


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