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Door Jammer

The Door Jammer is a premium security measure that was made specifically to prevent access to a room within seconds! The compact and lightweight product is part of our Access Security Systems range and is a low cost but effective method to having security and peace of mind in no time at all.

The adjustable foot is situated at the end of the hinged leg and allows this product to be installed on either a flat surface or a surface that is on an incline! The footpad can be found below the adjustable foot and means the Door Jammer is able to be used on a multitude of surfaces, this includes hardwood floor, carpet, tiles, linoleum and more.

Click the video tab for a short explanation on how the easy it is to use the Door Jammer!

Brand:   DoorJammer
SKU:   USC190ASS0001

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Working on doors that open inwards, this product is not suitable for use on patio doors. This product is small and can easily fit inside a bag, allowing for easy transportation and results in you being able to jam yourself to become safe and secure almost anywhere!


As a result of the ingenious hinges and angles, the horizontal force that is exerted onto the door from the outside is converted in a vertical force which allows the door Jammer to be anchored firmly into the ground. This product is ideal for use by business travellers, families, students, seniors and many more different professions and persons.

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