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Frequently Asked Questions


Product FAQs


Whose products do you supply?


Supplier of high security products since 1924. Large range of domestic, commercial and mobile security products.


UK vehicle security specialists with an evolving range of high security products. In the business for more than 25 years.


Family owned UK business established more than 30 years offering high security solutions in the fields of leisure, commercial, and domestic.


Family run business with 50 years’ experience. Holder of 30 worldwide patents in 36 countries. Its ultra high security padlocks and lock cylinders have attained ASTM 883 grade 6 in the USA, Sold Secure Diamond grade and BS EN1303 in the UK and CEN 5 rating across Europe.


Manufacturer of a variety of locks and associated fittings for domestic, commercial and mobile applications. 


Lock supplier, part of the ASSA Abloy Group. 


UK based lock manufacturer specialising, but not limited to, padlocks. In business for almost 250 years as a family owned business.


Producer of a broad range of security products under the Sterling brand: part of the Burg Wächter group. UK based with 25 years’ experience.

Who provides third party assurance?

The high security products we offer are covered by a number of approvals. The product pages provide specific information.

Sold Secure: The premier testing and certification house for security products. Approval offered in three categories – bronze, silver and gold, with gold being the highest. (There is also a diamond category, but that is restricted to specific caravan, tracker and cylinder lock products). Approvals are arrived at through rigorous ‘attack testing’.

Approves products for:

• the insurance industry • the Home Office • Police • public

Secured by Design: This is the official UK Police initiative in support of the objective of designing out crime against homes and commercial premises. The organisation has more than 450 members offering products that have passed rigorous testing standards. 

Thatcham Research: This organisation is the motor insurers’ automotive research centre, and is the UK’s only not for profit insurer funded such facility. Its vehicle security team was established in 1992, and has been instrumental in driving up standards of vehicle security installations. Its high security testing regime is one of the World’s most rigorous, and is used as a model for crime prevention efforts in many other countries. Its work covers:

• Passenger cars • Light Commercial Vehicles • Heavy Goods Vehicles • Motorcycles • Agricultural and construction machinery We recommend use of Immobilise, the world's largest free register of possession ownership details. Together with its sister sites the Police's National Mobile Property Register and CheckMEND, Immobilise forms a very effective tool in helping to reduce crime and re-unite stolen property with its rightful owner in the event that anything is stolen.

Immobilise can be used by members of the public and businesses to register personal possessions or company assets. Uniquely, all Immobilise, account holders’ registered items and ownership details are viewable on the Police national property database the NMPR . This online checking service is used by all UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property.

As a direct result of Immobilise there are more than 250 cases a week where property is returned or information collected that assists the Police in investigating criminal activity involving stolen goods. Immobilise is also the only ownership registration service supported by all UK Police forces.

How do I select the best high security product for my needs?

You should try to think like a thief. Look at what you’re trying to protect and try to see any vulnerabilities in the way it is currently stored. Once you have established those, navigate through our site to select the perfect product.

We offer the following assistance to make your choice simpler:

• Helpful downloads • Advice pagesLive chat

What standards should I look for in a high security device?

British Standards and European Norms set the benchmark for performance of a great many high security products in use today.

• BS 3621 is a British Standard covering thief-resistant locks • EN 1303:2005 is a Euro-standard covering cylinder locks • BS EN 12320: 2001 is the standard for padlocks • BS EN 12209: 2003 covers locks and latches

Other standards exist for door closer mechanisms and emergency exit devices.

These offer the minimum standard acceptable by the Association of British Insurers and the police.

I’ve heard about a metal called Titalium. What’s that?

It is an alloy of titanium and aluminium, developed and trademarked by a company called Abus, whose products are available from the Ultra Security Centre. It’s being used as a replacement for brass in padlock manufacture.

What are ‘closed shackle’ padlocks? Are they stronger than ordinary ones?

These are high security padlocks in which the shackle (the ‘loop’ of metal which attaches the lock to what it’s protecting) is in some way protected to make it more difficult to attack with bolt cutters or saws. One such is the ‘shutter padlock’, which has a straight shackle. Don’t be put off by the name; although it’s ideal for roller shutter doors, it can be used in other applications. Another is the disc padlock, a circular model in which the shackle is all but completely concealed by the lock and the hasp it secures, where one is being used.

What is cylinder snapping, and how do I prevent it?

Cylinder snapping is a means of entry used by burglars to get into properties with uPVC doors secured using Euro-cylinders, the most common type in this type of door. In West Yorkshire, police report that 25% of burglaries are committed using this method. It’s possible to snap the lock cylinder (the part where the key fits), which then means the door is unlocked. This is true in spite of the five point locking, since the cylinder controls all of those too. The way to eliminate the risk is to consider changing the cylinder in your door to one that meets the Sold Secure Diamond standard (SS312). You could also look for one with a three star rating under the TS007 BSI Kitemark system.

How can I protect my laptop and its contents?

It’s so easy to be seduced into thinking that laptops benefitting from all manner of cyber security are in fact secure, when in fact they’re not protected from the risk of being picked up and carried away, easily done, given how small and light they have become. And yet laptops contain all manner of personal and business data that they are worthy of some of the most robust high security solutions available. In this case a high security briefcase is the answer, since it can simultaneously provide high security for personal documents and other valuables you may have to carry. Look for guaranteed products with high quality locks, as well as a sturdy cable and strong anchor point. This can be used to secure it to your car when travelling, converting it to a mobile safe. As with all safes, make sure you’re buying one large enough for your laptop, and anything else you want to carry.

How can I tell when I’m being presented with counterfeit money?

We’re all familiar with having paper money popped under ultra violet lights to make sure it’s not counterfeit, but it’s a sad fact that forgers are getting cleverer and cleverer in their work, the planned new £1 coin is evidence of that! However, the good news is that forgery detection technology has moved on too, and has kept pace with criminals. Most modern forgeries will pass the UV light test, which is why we recommend the high security option of a more advanced scanner which instantly looks at up to six elements of the note, and picks out ‘duds’ instantly.

What are a hasp and staple, and where would I use them?

A hasp and staple work together to provide somewhere to locate the high security padlock you plan to use to secure a door. The staple is fitted to the door; the hasp is the hinged part on the wall. It is important to select a hasp and staple of the same standard as your high security lock; failure to do so will make it the weak link in your security. Two things are important when selecting a heavy duty hasp and staple – the material it’s made from, and its design. Select one made from the thickest steel you can find, and make sure that it’s designed in such a way that, when locked, all of the fixings are covered. We would advise against fitting with woodscrews; a thief could just remove it and its lock with a crowbar. Coach bolts through the wall of a wooden building, or tough masonry fittings for brick and concrete, are the recommended options.

How safe are external key safes?

The keysafe is a high security product that serves the same purpose as the key left under the plant pot or hanging on a string inside the letterbox, neither of which we would recommend, to have a key outside the property, but to keep the door locked. It is ideal for use in association with holiday lets, where new people arrive every week, or where the elderly may have numerous health related visitors, for example. The key is kept in a secure box bolted to the wall, which can be opened using a combination punched into a keypad. The combination can be changed from inside the box. Select a model that offers the highest security option, and look out for the ‘secured by design’ symbol.

You offer high security locks – do I need high security doors too?

That depends on where the door is to be fitted, but in some circumstances the answer will be ‘yes’. If it is, then you’ll need a metal security door, which has the added benefit of offering enhanced fire protection  as long as six hours in some cases. These doors are usually supplied with frames, and come with a range of sizes, incorporating their own specialist high security locks. Some have a 12-point locking system, your home front door probably has five.

Delivery and Installation FAQs


What delivery options can you offer?

Delivery details and options are to be found on the individual product pages.

How much will it cost?

For most of the products we supply delivery is entirely free, so long as it involves just one consignment to one UK address. Conditions apply. Information about specific products is to be found on the relevant product pages.

What delivery service do you use?

Any consignment weighing more than 2kg will be sent by our special courier service; anything under that weight may be sent by courier or by Royal Mail .

I live in a remote location. Will you charge me more for delivery?

Not necessarily. It certainly costs more to deliver to remote locations, but at the Ultra Security Centre we don’t believe you should be penalised for living where you live. We will therefore seek to absorb or minimise any additional costs involved in delivering to you. By ‘remote location’ we mean some UK postcodes and any delivery involving a sea crossing. Click here to obtain a quote.

Your Price Guarantee

We guarantee that all delivery options applying to your order will be clearly displayed in your shopping cart before you click to buy, so there are no hidden costs. Unless you contact us with special delivery instructions, we will apply the most cost effective delivery option available to keep the cost as low as possible for you.

If you are an existing Account Customer or are placing a large value order we recommend you contact us before purchase to discuss the most cost effective solution for your particular order.

What if I don’t live in the UK?

The Ultra Security Centre can deliver to Northern Ireland, UK islands and mainland European countries. For delivery to 'non mainland UK addresses' please call our Sales Support team on 01724 281044/277479 or email and putting 'Export Sales' in the subject box.

Can you be flexible on delivery dates?

Yes. We can accommodate changes in delivery date, but we are not able to give exact times during those days.

When will deliveries be made?

Delivery will normally be made at any time between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday so it is important to make sure an authorized person is available to receive the goods. A box is also provided at checkout for you to request any special delivery instructions. Delivery at specific times of day can be arranged but will usually incur a surcharge.

However, please bear in mind that one unavoidable consequence of offering such a vast choice of products is that many of our products are manufactured to order, which may involve extended delivery schedules.

As it is usually not possible to provide a specific delivery date at the point of ordering, we ask for a contact telephone number and personal email address at checkout to enable us to advise you of your expected delivery date as soon as it becomes available. Please view our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

What happens if a delivery can’t be made?

If we are unable to deliver as arranged due to incorrect delivery instructions including inaccessible doors and flights of stairs, then unfortunately there has to be an additional charge to cover the cost of re-delivery. To avoid these circumstances, please make sure you provide accurate information and that the premises are occupied on the due time and day. If you are in any doubt, the best course of action is to discuss delivery with our sales support team.

Contact our sales team Tel: 01724 281044/277479, Free Fax: 0800 65 200 31, Email:

After-sales services FAQs


How do I contact you for after-sales service?

You can call us on 01724 281044 or 01724 277479. Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, we offer a Live chat option through our website.

How do I organise maintenance contracts for the products that need them?

As part of our commitment to the highest-possible standards of service to match our high security products, we will supply contact details for a selection of trusted partner companies with whom clients can arrange to have installation work undertaken.

I might need products on a fairly regular basis. Can I set up a client account?

No problem. We have a credit application form available here, and look forward to doing business with you on a regular basis.

What if I need a new key?

New keys can be obtained, but the process is designed to protect the integrity of the lock, and therefore the security of your possessions. New keys are therefore not necessarily ‘off the shelf’ items. The process is different depending on the product and manufacturer in question. Please contact our customer service team on 01724 281044/277479.

What if an item arrives damaged?

That’s an extremely rare occurrence because of the careful delivery services we use, but in the unlikely event of a product being damaged when it arrives, get in touch with us, we’ll sort it out for you.


General FAQs


Why should I buy from the Ultra security Centre?

Because we care about the security of your business and your home as much as we do our own. Without customers like you, we would have no business, so you can rest assured we’ll go out of our way to look after you. Your satisfaction keeps us in business.

What makes products from the Ultra Security Centre special?

Quite simply, they are all the best money can buy. Our strategy has been to source the best high security products on the market, and bring them together in one place. It is the objective of Ultra Security Centre to provide best in class quality high security product solutions for the ultimate protection of property, life and the environment.

Why do I need ultra high security products?

We believe the purchase of high quality, high security products is money well spent. If something needs to be protected it deserves the best high-security solution available. It deserves products from Ultra Security Centre, because we refuse to compromise on quality.

What guarantees come with products I buy from you?

Naturally, we provide full after sales support, and would be happy to talk to you to help with the resolution of any problem. However, all our high-security products have manufacturer warranties for your protection. These guarantees work alongside the appropriate third party approvals.

How do I know your products are the best available?

The products offered here have been thoroughly tested and independently verified. They are not only backed by third-party approval from the security industry or insurance companies, but also conform to British and/or International performance and high security standards. The construction sector products are also worthy of being awarded Declaration of Performance certificates to prove their consistent high standards. That means our customers don’t have to rely on what we or the manufacturers say about what we sell. The trusted suppliers we work with have security products to cover every aspect of physical security, to the highest standards, all here and waiting to safeguard your most valuable assets.


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