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Hammerhead Value Pack

The Hammerhead Value Pack consists of a high security U lock and heavy duty extension cable, ideal for use with motorcycles and bicycles.
This Sold Secure Gold (Bicycle) Approved lock has a unique double locking mechanism with keyhole cover to prevent dust and moisture contamination.

£59.94 incl. VAT £49.95 excl. VAT
Brand:   Squire
SKU:   USC195SSS0018

The hardened alloy steel shackle is encased in an octagonal sleeve which makes attacks with tools a lot harder to carry out.

Features of the Hammerhead Value Pack
Hardened alloy steel shackle
Unique double locking mechanism
Octagonal shackle sleeve
Hardened steel body
Keyhole dustcover
5 pin tumbler locking mechanism
Includes extender cable

Best for use with wheel of a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle

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