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Shutter Padlocks

Shutter Padlocks are also known as straight shackle padlocks and they are commonly found attached to hasp and staples and on containers. This style of padlock is very versatile and it can be used for a number of different applications. The advantage of using the shutter style of padlock is that they are much less vulnerable to physical attacks – such as with bolt cutters or a saw. This means that it will be harder for thieves to break into your secure areas – even if they come prepared with the right tools. 

We know that protecting your products and valuables is important, which is why we stock CEN approved products, including a range of shutter style locks, so that you can enjoy security and peace of mind. Take a look at the different styles and options that we have to offer and let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock

    Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock

    • Body Height: 55.5, 68.5 or 75.5mm
    • Body Width: 62.5, 81.5 or 91.5mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 11.5, 14 or 18mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 10, 11 or 12mm

    The Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock is a high security padlock suitable for a broad range of applications.

    Complete with a 10 year guarantee, the padlock has a solid brass body and is armoured with reinforced steel plating.

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  2. High Security Shutter Padlock

    High Security Shutter Padlock

    • Shackle Diameter: 12mm

    This High Security Shutter Padlock can be used on many different pieces of equipment and machinery for security and protection.

    Featuring a high precision 5 pin tumbler lock and anti-pick mushroom pins, you can have peace of mind that this padlock will do the job.

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  3. Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock Cast Brass

    Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock Cast Brass

    • Body Width: 81mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 14mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 11mm

    The Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock is suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications.

    Designed and tested to strict standards, this padlock has armour plating and a hardened shackle for protection against physical attacks.

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  4. Sterling Armoured Steel Double Slotted Padlock

    Sterling Armoured Steel Double Slotted Padlock

    • Body Height: 75.5mm
    • Body Width: 91.5mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 12mm

    The Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock is highly effective and is suitable for a variety of applications.

    This padlock can withstand exposure to weather, meaning it is suitable for both internal and external use.

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  5. IFAM Huno80 Padlock

    IFAM Huno80 Padlock

    • Body Width: 69mm
    • Shackle Length: 84mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 18.2mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 14mm 
    • Approvals: CEN 5

    The IFAM Huno80 is a high security locking product used to protect and secure varied applications.

    With a CEN 5 rating, this straight-shackled padlock is considered “Extra High Security” and is fully able to do its job effectively.

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  6. Mul T Lock NE12H Padlock

    Mul T Lock NE12H Padlock

    • Shackle Diameter: 12mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 25mm
    • Overall Height: 101mm
    • Body Width: 66mm 

    The Mul T Lock NE12H Padlock is a high security, closed shackle padlock for general applications.

    With a steel body and steel shackle, this padlock can withstand common attacks.

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