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Weatherproof Padlocks

When you are locking up your valuables outside, it is important to use a weatherproof lock in order to keep them safe and secure. If you use a lock that is not made from weatherproof material, you might find that the security of the lock itself is compromised due to corrosion and rust caused by the weather. Weatherproof padlocks are perfect for external use because they are 100% rustproof from the shackle to the mechanism. They are even resistant to salt water, making them ideal for marine use or in coastal areas. 

When you need a lock for outdoor or marine storage, take a look at our great selection of locks that will stand up to any weather conditions. We only stock the best quality locks, from highly respected brands and where possible, approvals from third parties including Sold Secure, CEN and ASTM. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly customer service team.

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  1. Sterling Closed Shackle Disc Padlock

    Sterling Closed Shackle Disc Padlock

    • Body Width: 60 or 70mm

    The Sterling Closed Shackle Disc Padlock is available to use for a wide range of applications to provide high security and peace of mind.

    This stainless steel padlock has a 10 year guarantee, will resist all types of weather and comes with 2 different width sizes to suit different requirements.

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  2. Squire 70mm Discus Padlock & Chain Set

    Squire 70mm Discus Padlock & Chain Set

    • Chain Length: 915mm
    • Link Diameter: 8mm
    • Body Width: 70mm
    • Approvals: Sold Secure Silver (Bicycle)

    The Squire 70mm Discus Padlock & Chain Set is ideal for securing motorbikes and bicycles to permanent fixtures.

    Sold Secure Silver (Bicycle) approved, this padlock and chain set also comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

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  3. Sterling Round Shackleless Padlock

    Sterling Round Shackleless Padlock

    • Body Width: 73mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 10.3mm

    The Sterling Round Shackleless Padlock is a great solution to protecting and securing varied applications, both inside and outside.

    This weatherproof padlock doesn’t have a shackle, meaning there is little chance it can be broken or cut open - allowing for extra security.

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  4. Squire SS50CS Padlock

    Squire SS50CS Padlock

    • Body Width: 50mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 10mm
    • Shackle Length: 16mm
    • Approvals: Sold Secure Gold (Motorcycle), CEN 3

    The Squire SS50CS Padlock is a solid, closed shackle padlock that can be used on many different applications.

    Suitable for use with a security chain for maximum effect, the SS50CS has been branded “High Security” by CEN (Grade 3) and has been approved by third party company Sold Secure.

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  5. Sterling Armoured Steel Double Slotted Padlock

    Sterling Armoured Steel Double Slotted Padlock

    • Body Height: 75.5mm
    • Body Width: 91.5mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 12mm

    The Sterling Armoured Steel Padlock is highly effective and is suitable for a variety of applications.

    This padlock can withstand exposure to weather, meaning it is suitable for both internal and external use.

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  6. IFAM Huno80 Padlock

    IFAM Huno80 Padlock

    • Body Width: 69mm
    • Shackle Length: 84mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 18.2mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 14mm 
    • Approvals: CEN 5

    The IFAM Huno80 is a high security locking product used to protect and secure varied applications.

    With a CEN 5 rating, this straight-shackled padlock is considered “Extra High Security” and is fully able to do its job effectively.

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  7. IFAM S360 Padlock

    IFAM S360 Padlock

    • Body Height: 62.5mm
    • Body Width: 60mm
    • Vertical Clearance: 30mm
    • Shackle Diameter: 11mm
    • Approvals: CEN 4

    The IFAM S360 Padlock is a high security lock that has a CEN 4 rating.

    With a steel shackle and lock body, the S360 will provide effective protection and security to your chosen application.

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  8. Masterlock M515 Excell Padlock

    Masterlock M515 Excell Padlock


    • Shackle Diameter: 10mm
    • Shackle Length: 51mm

    The Masterlock M515 Excell Padlock is a heavy duty padlock for use when protecting equipment and securing premises.

    With over 40 registered patents and proven to be 50% stronger than the usual padlock, this padlock will withstand bad weather conditions and attacks from the most determined of thieves.

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