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Ink Security Case with Cash Collector Sluice

The Ink Security Case with Cash Collector Sluice is a high quality money and valuables carrying case with the added protection of dye emission if opened illegally.  Offering excellent levels of protection for large amounts of cash or valuables, these security cases are available in a range of sizes depending upon your requirements.

Complete with a cash collector opening for easy depositing of bank notes, these specialist cases are easy to handle and are ideally suited to the collection of cash and then subsequently the transportation of that cash in a highly secure manner. Suitable for the collection of money from cash registers in large retail environments and collection from small to medium sized companies where exposure to human traffic presents itself as a potential risk.

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When opened by an unauthorised individual the case releases a dye to discolour the contents of the case and therefore invalidate the money. With an option of an integrated alarm, these products will protect cash collectors against forced theft and members of staff against intimidation as well as protecting the contents of the case through staining.


Security features also include an anti-snatch grip handle, safe function with timing mechanism and electronic overall surface protection to guard against forcing of the hinges or cutting of the case. If you’d like more information about this product, please call our knowledgeable support team on 01724 281044 to discuss your requirements.


Model Dimensions Weight
A1 H270 x W470 x D90mm 7.2kg
A2 H270 x W470 x D120mm 7.4kg
M H320 x W565 x D130mm 9.5kg
S H230 x W430 x D90mm 6.3kg

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