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Money Collection Box

The Money Collection Box is a high security product from one of the premium security manufacturers in the industry. This high quality box is an ideal solution for storing valuables on site in a safe way.

For example, this product would serve perfectly when in premises and areas such as banks, cash handling centres, shopping centres and shops with large amounts of human traffic. With a money collection slot, to securely and discreetly deposit money into the box, this is also well suited for storing money that may need to be collected by cash in transit products.

SKU:   USC205CTP0002

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Measuring 400m in height, 260mm in width and 350mm in depth, this product can fit large amounts of money if needed – but it isn’t too big meaning it will not fit well into a concealed compartment. Weighing 41kg this product will not easily by lifted away; meaning the chances of somebody running away with it is highly unlikely and improbable.


Protects well against pilfering, theft and robbery, as well as the threat of hold-ups, blackmailing, intimidation and other forms of money-inducing activities. If infiltrated by an unauthorised method, ink will be dispersed over the contents of the box, making the money within invalid and unusable.

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