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Mul T Lock C16 Padlock

  • Body Height: 53mm
  • Body Width: 92mm
  • Vertical Clearance: 50mm
  • Shackle Diameter: 15.8mm
  • Approvals: CEN 5

The Mul T Lock C16 Padlock uses patented technology and steel construction to provide high security.

The C16 padlock reached the CEN 5 grade, recognising that it provides “Extra High Security” to your chosen application.

Brand:   Mul T Lock
SKU:   USC209HSP0003

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The padlock’s thick shackle allows for resistance against bolt cutters and saws and the tough lock body will fight against attacks from the most determined thief.


Features of the Mul T Lock C16 Padlock
Patented MT5 platform
Thick alloy steel shackle
Hardened steel shell
Black plated solid brass core
Drainage holes to prevent freezing
Protective shutter to stop dust contamination


Suitable for use with hasp and staple, lockers, cabinets, doors, machinery, tool chests, gates and more


Technical Information
Body height: 53mm
Body width: 92mm
Body depth: 32mm
Vertical clearance: 50mm
Shackle diameter: 15.8mm


See the download tab for further technical information

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