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Rhino Padlock & Chain

  • Chain Length: 1.4m
  • Link Diameter: 12mm

The Rhino Padlock & Chain set includes a hardened quad-link chain and an enclosed padlock, together providing high security.

This set is designed to provide high levels of security to protect your motorcycles and/or bicycles from the most determined of thieves.

Brand:   Autolok
SKU:   USC186VS0007

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The padlock has an enclosed shackle, protected by high shoulders, to provide additional security.


Features of the Rhino Padlock & Chain Set
Enclosed shackle on padlock to ensure tools cannot attempt to crop/cut
Nylon protective sleeve to prevent rusting and corrosion as well as scratches to the application
Solid, thick chain
2 reversible keys provided for shared access


Fits most motorcycles, can be used indoors and outdoors


Technical Information
12mm link diameter
1.4m chain length
5.3kg weight

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