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Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets

When you want to store something securely and make sure that it cannot be accessed, keeping it in a heavy duty storage cabinet is a great solution. These types of cabinets are convenient, portable and easy to use storage space that can be kept private and secure. They are ideal for storing a range of different things, from confidential documents to tools.

Here at Ultra Security Centre, our range of cabinets and chests is second to none and we offer high quality products. If you are looking for secure heavy duty storage cabinets, we have a great choice for the home or business. When you order a cabinet from us, you will know that it is made with the utmost quality. Contact our customer service team and they can help you to choose the right cabinet for your needs.

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  1. Safestor Modular Enclosure

    Safestor Modular Enclosure

    The Safestor Modular Enclosure is a Secure Site Storage product from Bradbury’s premium physical security products. This product is a heavy duty enclosure that can be used as a strong room or secure cabinet. Created with 3mm thick steel, the doors and panels are made to resist a high amount of force and battle against the threat of both intentional and accidental damage. The vision and cable entry holes are reinforced with 10mm steel plate to ensure the highest amount of safety and security available.

    The doors, as standard, are hinged to suit left handed users and open in an outwards motion to ensure no amount of security is compromised. The independent 5 lever mortice dead locks and heavy duty dog bolts are further features that are sure to protect the contents of the Safestor Modular Enclosure.

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  2. Storage Bin Closed

    Medium Lightweight Storage Bin

    Medium Lightweight Storage Bins have been created as specialist storage units for industrial workers and tradespeople. These affordable steel containers are ideally suited to the storage of basic work tools and equipment. They have a capacity of 520 ltr, which is more than enough for most professional purposes.

    You may be interested to hear that the Medium Lightweight Storage Bins have been positively reviewed. Customers have made positive comments regarding the functionality and durability of these high quality security products. Workers have also been impressed by the ease of transporting Armorgard’s lightweight storage bins.

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    £276.65 incl. VAT £230.54 excl. VAT
  3. Oxbox Sitebox Closed

    OxBox Sitebox

    Those of you seeking secure means of on-site storage should consider the merits of the Oxbox site boxes. These outstanding security products are designed to ensure the protection of your work tools and accessories. They are available in two different sizes, which are certain to satisfy your everyday demands.

    The Oxbox site boxes are made from thinner gauge steel, which guarantees a high level of security. They feature theft-resistant 5 lever deadlocks and welded security ID numbers. Heavy-duty keys are provided as standard. However, it would be worth investing in a spare set in case of loss or theft.

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    £412.55 incl. VAT £343.79 excl. VAT
  4. BOX171SB0003

    Tuffbank Site Box

    Tuffbank site boxes are designed for the safe storage of tools and industrial equipment. These exceptional security products are a must-have for those of you working in industrial environments. They represent a sensible and affordable solution to your storage needs.

    Armorgard have taken considerable care in the construction of the Tuffbank site boxes. They have used tough and durable materials, which guarantee protection in the event of physical attack. Thieves are unlikely to breach the security of site boxes featuring 5 lever deadlocks and anti-drill plates.

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    Price From: £482.92 incl. VAT £402.43 excl. VAT
  5. Mobile Site Security Box Down and Closed

    Mobile Site Security Box

    The Mobile Site Security Box has been designed as the ultimate safeguard for your professional tools and accessories. This reinforced container has a number of advanced security features, which minimise the prospects of theft. It is little wonder that this product has been acclaimed as the ultimate multi-functional storage solution.

    Armorgard have made every effort to ensure the functionality and security of the Mobile Site Security Box. The outer shell has been made from damage-resistant heavy-duty steel. Two keyed alike 5 lever deadlocks have been integrated for the enhanced protection of your professional equipment.

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    £653.52 incl. VAT £544.60 excl. VAT
  6. Strongbank Site Box Closed

    Strongbank Site Box

    The Strongbank site boxes are designed for the ultimate protection of work tools and equipment. Built using extremely tough steel, these containers guarantee unparalleled levels of security in the workplace. You are encouraged to purchase these products for complete peace of mind.

    Armorgard have opted to incorporate a comprehensive range of security features during the construction of the Strongbank site boxes. They have integrated high quality anti-jemmy features as a safeguard for your valuable work tools. Security ID numbers have been added in case you need to ensure the rapid replacement of lost keys. Prospective buyers can also be confident in the protection guaranteed by the 5 lever deadlocks, anti-drill plates and anti-cut rollers. Armorgard have considered an extensive range of safety issues in the development of these exceptional products.

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    £726.78 incl. VAT £605.65 excl. VAT
  7. Oxbox Sitechest Closed

    OxBox Sitechest

    The tough and reliable Oxbox site chest has been specifically designed for the storage of heavy-duty tools and industrial equipment. Constructed from reinforced steel plating, this relatively large vault is suitable for on-site storage and vehicle transportation. You are encouraged to purchase this highly secure product for enhanced protection against theft.

    Armorgard have considered a wide range of safety elements in the creation of the Oxbox site chest. They have incorporated insurance approved 5 lever deadlocks and anti-cut rollers as a safeguard for your professional tools. You can also rely upon the toughness of the Chubbsafe keys. There is every reason to have confidence in the security of the sturdy Oxbox.

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    £872.33 incl. VAT £726.94 excl. VAT
  8. Powerstation Closed

    PowerStation 6 Door Battery Charging Unit

    The PowerStation 6 Door Battery Charging Unit is a multifunctional storage unit, ideally suited to the rigours of commercial use. This secure locker comes complete with double sockets and protective 230V RCD plugs for the purpose of recharging electrical work items and mobile phones. Armorgard have also incorporated a range of advanced safety features for your complete peace of mind. There's every reason to purchase your very own Powerstation from Ultra Security Centre.

    We're absolutely sure that the PowerStation 6 Door Battery Charging Unit will satisfy your everyday working requirements. You'll be able to secure a variety of tools and accessories in the variously sized locking compartments. Essential work items may be recharged via the in-built power supply units. It will even be possible to ensure the rapid replacement of lost keys as these highly secure cabinets feature serial numbered cam locks.

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    £938.83 incl. VAT £782.36 excl. VAT
  9. BOX171SB0007 Closed

    Tuffbank Site Chest

    Available in two convenient sizes, the Tuffbank Site Chest from Armorgard is part of their extremely high quality range of security products. Ultra Security Centre are confident that the many heavy duty features of this product will provide the utmost protection to your valuables and peace of mind to yourself.

    Built from quality materials and finished with heavy duty steel plating, it is highly unlikely this product will show any vulnerability when attacked, even from the strongest of vandals or thieves. The Tuffbank Site Chest defines value for money and is delivered completely free to UK mainland addresses (terms apply).

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    Price From: £976.43 incl. VAT £813.69 excl. VAT
  10. Security Cabinet

    Security Cabinet

    A range of quality security cabinets which are available in five different sizes and offer multiple options when it comes to storage, as well as having excellent security features. Made from heavy gauge steel, these security cabinets are fully seem welded and also benefit from a superior locking system.

    The locking mechanism is a 7 lever key lock which has excellent resistance to attempted lock picking and the doors have full length security hinges and are fully rebated in order to withstand forced entry. Available in a single door version or four sizes of the double door variation, these security cabinets are complete with internal shelves.

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    Price From: £1,162.93 incl. VAT £969.11 excl. VAT

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