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Squire Stronghold Hardened Alloy Steel Chain

  • Chain Length: 915 or 1200mm
  • Link Diameter: 8, 10 or 14.5mm
  • Approvals: Check Product Description

The Squire Stronghold Hardened Alloy Steel Chain is available in different lengths and diameters to suit specific requirements.

This chain is made from hardened alloy steel and is encased in a durable sleeve that protects the chain from corrosion/rust and the applications from scratches.

Brand:   Squire

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Use this chain with a high security padlock to secure anything from heavy goods vehicles to perimeter gates.


Features of the Squire Stronghold Hardened Alloy Steel Chain
Made from hardened alloy steel
Many different diameter and length combinations available
Durable sleeve houses the chain to avoid scratches and provide protection against weather
USC185SSS0004 & USC185SSS0005 are Sold Secure Silver (Bicycle) approved
USC185SSS0006 & USC185SSS0007 are Sold Secure Gold (Bicycle) approved
USC185SSS0008 & USC185SSS0009 are Sold Secure Gold (Motorcycle) approved


Use with a padlock to secure substations, vehicles, garden equipment, perimeter gates and more. Recommended for use anywhere where there is an increased health and safety risk to the public or employees.


Technical Information
Choose between diameters of 8, 10 or 14.5mm
Choose between lengths of 915 or 1200mm


See the download tab for further technical information

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