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SSC65CS/TC4 Chain and Padlock

  • Chain Length: 1.2m
  • Link Diameter: 14mm
  • Body Width: 65mm
  • Approvals: CEN

The SSC65CS/TC4 Chain and Padlock set is a package made up of heavy duty and high security products.

These items work well with an anchor to offer even more protection.

Brand:   Squire
SKU:   USC195SSS0019

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The padlock reaches the CEN 6 rating, classifying it as “Maximum Security”, and it is made from solid steel.


Features of the SSC65CS/TC4 Chain and Padlock
Padlock is made of solid steel
6 pin anti pick, anti bump and anti drill locking mechanism
Case hardened square alloy steel chain
Protective sleeve for resistance against corrosion


Use to protect gates, motorcycles, bicycles and more. Ideal for use with anchor for maximum effect.


Technical Information
1200mm chain length
65mm padlock
14mm link diameter

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