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Sterling Hardened Chain & 50mm Padlock

  • Chain Length: 1 or 1.5m
  • Link Diameter: 10mm
  • Body Width: 50mm
  • Approvals: Sold Secure Gold (Bicycle), Sold Secure Silver (Motor Scooter)

The Sterling Hardened Chain & 50mm Padlock is ideal for enhancing the protection of motorbikes, bicycles and scooters.

This chain and padlock set is Sold Secure Gold (Bicycle) & Sold Secure Silver (Motor Scooter), and is made from hardened material to resist attacks.

Brand:   Sterling

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Features of Sterling Hardened Chain & 50mm Padlock
Closed shackle due to protective shoulders
Chain made of special alloy case hardened steel
Flexible polyester black sleeve – riveted at both ends
Weather resistant
Zinc plated


Use to secure a motorcycle, bicycle, lawn mower, scooter, quad bike and more to an anchor or strong fixture


Technical Information
50mm closed shackle padlock
Choose between a chain length of 1 or 1.5 metres
10mm link diameter

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