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Transit Box for Flammables

Sitesafe have produced the transit box for flammables in strict accordance with the essential health and safety regulations. This high quality container has been designed for the safe storage and transportation of jerry cans and small containers. It has been integrated with safety features for the prevention of fuel and oil leaks.

The experienced and knowledgeable Sitesafe team have taken various safety issues into consideration during the construction of the Transit Box for Flammables. They have integrated vapour seals and a welded sump in order to limit the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances. The transit box has also been ventilated to limit the build-up of fumes.

Please see Product Description area for clarification of sizes.

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You may be interested to hear that the Sitesafe transit box comes complete with secure lifting handles for optimum on-site mobility. It also features hazard warning labels for the attention of industrial employees. An over centre lock has been included for enhanced protection against theft.


The standard transit box has a capacity of 30ltr. However, you may opt for the increased space of the transit box special. Remember that you can always contact the Ultra Security Centre for further information about the Sitesafe products. We'll even arrange free delivery to premises in the UK.


Size Dimensions
30 500 x 360 x 460mm
40 650 x 360 x 460mm
Special 750 x 430 x 560mm

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