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Steering Locks

Car steering wheel locks are one of the simplest yet most effective forms of security for your vehicle. This type of lock is designed to brace itself against the inner parts of the wheel, which stops the car steering wheel from being moved in any way. This makes it very difficult for the thief to drive the car. While it might not guarantee safety for your vehicle, it certainly makes any potential thief think twice about stealing the car. 

However, the basic and cheap steering locks are easily broken – so this is why we only stock high quality, well made and reliable products. Ask our friendly and experienced sales team about these products, they are happy to help you choose the right product for you needs. You can count on these locks to protect your vehicle, as they are made of superb materials, can stand up to the most determined thieves and some are even Insurance approved!

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  1. Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock

    Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock


    The Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock prevents proper use of the steering wheel and also protects the air bag inside of it.

    This steering wheel lock stops anybody from turning the steering wheel thanks to its plastic dipped hooks that secure it in place, meaning nobody can drive off in the vehicle.

    Click the video tab below to watch simple fitting instructions for this steering wheel lock.

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  2. Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock

    Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock


    The Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock is a British-made lock used to prevent the theft of a vehicle by immobilising the steering wheel.

    Quick and simple to use, this device locks into place without the need of the key and is finished in a bright yellow to act as a visual discouragement to potential thieves.

    You can find a short video on the tab below that shows how to fit the BW600 steering wheel lock in seconds!

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