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Trailer Locks

Your trailer is very valuable, so don’t let it get stolen by an opportunistic thief and driven away into the night! If you are leaving your trailer without a lock on the hitch, you risk waking up one morning and finding it gone. Fortunately, it is very easy to prevent trailer theft – all you need to do is use one of our simple trailer locks to secure the hitch so that no one else can drive it away. 

We have a superb collection of Insurance-approved trailer locks, in a range of different styles and sizes. No matter what model of trailer you have, you are likely to find the right lock for your needs. If you have any questions about our products, our security experts are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information about our products.

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  1. Bulldog CT330 Container Lock

    Bulldog CT330 Container Lock


    The Bulldog CT330 Container Lock is a highly effective door lock that can be interchanged between different containers easily.

    Supplied with Bulldog’s high security plunge lock, this product can be locked without the use of a key and is quick to fit, providing security in seconds.

    Learn how this container lock is fitted by watching the video on the tab below.

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  2. Bulldog CT440 Container Lock

    Bulldog CT440 Container Lock


    The Bulldog CT440 Container Lock is a high quality lock used to secure containers and doors in place to combat theft.

    This lock takes seconds to fit and is easy enough to carry around, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy duty as it is made from hardened steel!

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  3. Bulldog CT550 Chereau Container Lock

    Bulldog CT550 Chereau Container Lock


    The Bulldog CT550 Chereau Container Lock was made with Chereau box trailers in mind, securing them from potential theft.

    Interchangeable, the CT550 can be moved from trailer to trailer with ease thanks to its easy portability and light weight.

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