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Van Tool Boxes

How do you store your tools when you are on the job, driving around in your van? If you don’t have a security solution for them, they might be at risk for theft. Van tool boxes are designed to keep your valuable tools safe from both professional and opportunistic thieves. Don’t leave your tools vulnerable! Lock them up so that they will remain exactly where you left them. We pride ourselves on offering the very best quality products.

You can rest assured that the durable and reliable tool boxes that we supply are created to high standards by the best manufacturers. We only offer the best, because we care about your security. If you need help choosing the right tool box for your needs, or if you have any questions about our product range, feel free to contact us at any time.

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  1. Flambank Van Box Closed

    Flambank Van Box

    The Flambank Van Box is a vault for storing hazardous goods in a safe and secure manner.

    With fire resistance, ventilation and complying with COSHH regulations; this van box is suitable for storing flammable equipment and chemicals.

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  2. Oxbox Vanbox Open

    OxBox Vanbox

    The Oxbox Vanbox is a heavy duty solution to storing and transporting tools and equipment in vehicles.

    Made from thick steel, this van box has gas struts to make opening and closing the lid easy, and uses a robust 5-lever deadlock to secure it shut.

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  3. Strongbank Van Box Closed

    Strongbank Van Box

    The Strongbank Van Box provides heavy duty protection for work equipment and tools and is amongst the most secure tool vaults available.

    This van box is constructed from robust material and is suitable for a range of applications.

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  4. Tuffbank Van Box Open

    Tuffbank Van Box

    The Tuffbank Van Box is resistant to fire and corrosion and is made from thick steel.  

    This product is one of Armorgard’s leading products in storing work equipment and tools securely and has hydraulic gas arms to help with opening and closing the lid.

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  5. BOX171VB0004 Closed

    Tuffbank Truck Boxes

    Tuffbank Truck Boxes are heavy duty vaults, and can be used in vehicles and on site.

    With two sizes to choose from, these truck boxes are made from robust steel and have a 5-lever deadlock complete with 3 keys. 

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