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Wireless Garage Sentry Alert with 4 Channel Voice Receiver


The Wireless Garage Sentry Alert uses a 4 channel voice receiver to provide a system for completely controlled access.

With a usual battery life of 5 years, this wireless alert is an efficient means of monitoring access to and from your workplace/home and is extremely customisable to suit your requirements.

SKU:   USC014ASS0029

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You can program your alert to say words such as “front, side, rear, door, gate, window, driveway, mailbox, pool, shed, freezer, upstairs, downstairs, open, close” and many more, meaning you really can tailor this product for your needs.


Features of the Wireless Garage Sentry Alert with 4 Channel Voice Receiver
Completely wireless – no wires getting in the way!
Supervised battery with a very long life
Uses signals to transfer information
Alert is heavily customisable to the user’s requirements
Ideal for monitoring exactly when somebody is opening/closing a door
Multiple devices can be used at once to cover different areas of a premises, reporting to one system for convenience


Can be used in a both a work and home environment to monitor any entrance/exit


Technical Information
Typical battery life: 5 years
Maximum operational line-of-sight: 1000’
Tones: 10
Words: 53


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